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Donation address: O.C.K. PO BOX 581 Milton-Freewater, OR 97862

Saturday, November 21, 2009

How can I help? Recent email question-

As you are going through your coupons over the weekend and weeding out the ones you don't want and/or are expired, remember our troops and their families that are stationed overseas. They can only accept regular manufacturer's coupons like from the newspaper inserts--no special "in store" coupons or internet printed coupons. Also remember to look at the products that you have purchased for redeemable coupons. Please remember that there is mailing time for these packages, so we try to use expired coupons that less than 3 months old. Spreading the word to your family, friends and co-workers of what your actions are to assist us with Operation Coupon Karma.


Amy Lynn said...

Received email: Send me more information so I can inform my readers.

Operation.Coupon.Karma said...

Please look at your email address for mailing address. We are private on the mailing address until it is requested. Your offer of help is truly appreciated.

Ladies at O.C.K.

Amanda said...

Hey guys,

I always have a ton of coupons left over. Could you send me your address and I will be happy to start mailing them to you instead of throwing them away! Thanks for doing this!!

Anonymous said...

Are you still accepting donations of coupons? I would be glad to send you coupons, if I knew the deadline and where to send them. I have family members who clip coupons and they would love to help!

Anonymous said...

I just left a comment asking when the deadline is and if you could list the address. I am a teacher and I know that my students would love to be part of helping out with your cause.

Operation.Coupon.Karma said...

Thank you for asking questions. We do have our mailing address listed on the profile page yet here it is again to make it easy.
PO BOX 581
Milton-Freewater, OR 97862

We would like to take your unused/expired(up to 2 months past)coupons and add to our mailings. We do mailings every 2 months. Our next one is in February. We accept coupons all the time so our volunteer group does not get overwhelmed. Email me with ANY questions! We have another school that has donated. Please make sure that we know who to credit. Have a great New Year!

Marshall said...

Please send address to mail the coupons to.

Many Thanks

Nevaeh said...

I left a comment somewhere but not sure where and cant find an email to email you. Mine is
You answered one of my questions on your mailing address my other is if you also accept the coupons printed from the computer? Thank you Mindy